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I joined the Spectacular! Spectacular! board in March 2002, and in that time I've made lots of friends here who share that one common thing that I adore: MOULIN ROUGE. Love you all, Baz bless ya!


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[HOPELESSLY DEVOTED] - personal domain [COLLIDING STARS] - icon/wallpaper collective [THE SPARKLING DIAMOND] - a Moulin Rouge fansite [OH MY BAZ] - the Spectacular! Spectacular! Moulin Rouge message board fanlisting [KINGS OF THE ROAD] - the Tommy Callahan/Richard Hayden fanlisting [BITTERSWEET] - the 'Wild Horses' fanlisting [LOVE/HATE] - the Brian/Stewie (Family Guy) fanlisting
[TWO OF A KIND] - the Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken fanlisting [INSEPARABLE] - the Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken/Kimberley Locke fanlisting [ADORABLE] - the Ruben Studdard/Kimberley Locke fanlisting [SOULFUL] - the official fanlisting for Ruben Studdard's debut album [COMPLETE] - the 'Flying Without Wings' fanlisting [A CAPPELLA] - the 'A House Is Not A Home' fanlisting [SOMETHING SPECIAL] - the Billy Boyd/Ali McKinnon fanlisting
[JOURNEY'S END] - the Grey Havens (LotR: Return of the King) scene fanlisting [SOMETHING FOR THE ROAD] - the Something for the Road (LotR: Return of the King) scene fanlisting [SECLUDED SOLIDARITY] - the Charlie/Claire/Hurley (LOST) fanlisting [ESCAPE] - the 1.07 'The Moth' (LOST) fanlisting [FATHER FIGURE] - the Charlie/Aaron (LOST) fanlisting [JOINED AT THE HIP] - the Dominic Monaghan/Jorge Garcia fanlisting [FAMILY TIES] - the Maggie Grace/Ian Somerhalder fanlisting

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    Why thank you! Now, just gotta start using it. ;)